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July 2

EVTC Weekly Schedule

Next week is our final week of regular-season practice!  We also have a group of athletes heading to the Regional meet in Spokane, Thursday-Sunday.  For anyone interested in the schedule of this meet: http://inlandnw.usatf.org/Events/Upcoming-Events.aspx  (It is noted as "Region 13 Championships").  Reminder that if you have qualified, please confirm with me whether or not you will be attending.  I'll send a separate email just to Regional competitors later this weekend.

THIS WEEK...Last week we had a good turnout for both days of all-comers meets, so congrats to all who competed!  Lane's track is one of my favorites, so I definitely encourage kids to compete at as many all-comers meets this year as possible.  They will continue for the next 4 weeks, but make sure to check the schedule online for events.

This week, we will be back at SEHS at normal times, 5:30-6:45pm.  Since the Regional meet is this weekend, we will be hyper-focused on getting those athletes prepared, but will still have practice for all other athletes (with some added fun).  Also because of this, we will have normal practice on Wed/Thurs this week, rather than at LCC.  However, we are still encouraging athletes not competing at Regionals to attend the all-comers meets, so we will have at least one coach there.  We will NOT have practice on July 4th (Tuesday).

Monday: SEHS, 5:30-6:45pm


Wednesday: Option for practice at SEHS 5:30-6:45pm, OR all-comers meet at LCC for ages 1-12.

Thursday: Option for practice at SEHS 5:30-6:45pm, OR all-comers meet at LCC for ages 13+.

We do have one more track meet in McMinnville, OR, on July 15th (the West Coast Invite), which I'll send some information about in a separate email today.  As always, feel free to ask any questions!




June 11th

EVTC: This Week

Congrats to all who competed this weekend, especially those of you who competed at both meets!  It was great competition all around, and the weather was definitely less than ideal, so I thought everyone did a fantastic job staying positive through the day.  I hope you also got a chance to see some of the NCAA competition and Olympic Day event!  Results for the SEHS meet will be on athletic.net, and results from TTYL will be on tracktownyouthleague.com, but as of right now, nothing has been posted yet.

Our next scheduled meet is the state meet in Portland in two weeks (reminder, anyone can compete at the state meet- no qualification necessary).  The deadline for those entries will be one week from tomorrow, so start looking at the schedule now and make sure to email me with events by Monday the 19th at 3pm.  I'll send a few reminders out before then.  Schedule: https://www.athletic.net/TrackAndField/MeetResults.aspx?Meet=297241#/register

There is also an optional meet next weekend in Bend, OR, for anyone looking for one more opportunity to compete before the state meet.  The meet is Saturday the 17th at Bend Senior High.  There likely will not be any coaches traveling for this meet, so you would be on your own for registration and competition.  If interested, here is the meet information: https://www.athletic.net/TrackAndField/MeetResults.aspx?Meet=312104#/33226 Feel free to reach out if you have questions about this.

Onto this week...

This week, we'll have normal practices Monday-Thursday, 5:30-6:45pm at SEHS.  We'll have jumps most days (rotating LJ,HJ,TJ), throws most days (rotating Jav, Discus, SP), hurdles Wednesday and Thursday, and running every day.

There is no meet this weekend, other than the optional meet in Bend.

Let me know if you have any other questions!  I know this part of the season can be particularly busy and confusing, so always feel free to reach out or let me know if something isn't clear.






June 4th

EVTC Weekly Schedule

Good evening, EVTC!

Great job to all who competed this weekend in Portland- we had a ton of PR's and otherwise strong performances.  If you were at the meet, I'm sure you realized the rules/regulations were a bit more strict at this meet as compared to our past few meets, which made it more difficult to access the track quickly.  So, great job to all athletes for being where they needed to be on time!  This is likely how the USATF State meet will be run, though we'll have a more clearly designated "team area" with a tent set up for that meet. 

Results from Portland can be found here: http://results.tfmeetpro.com/Athletic_Timing/Portland_Track_Festival_Youth_Meet_2017/
This week, we have normal practices 5:30-6:45pm, Monday-Thursday.  We will stick to the main structure of jumps Monday/Tuesday and hurdles Wednesday/Thursday, with throws and running every day.  However, we may include additional days for hurdles and jumps as we see fit, including triple jump later in the week.

Important dates this week:
June 10th morning: USATF developmental meet at South Eugene HS, 9am-1pm.  If you are planning to enter this meet, please email me with events by this Thursday at noon.  I cannot guarantee entry if you email past that deadline.  There will be a $5 entry fee for the meet.  To view a list of events offered, go to this link:
June 10th evening: TrackTown Youth League Championships at Hayward Field, 7pm-10pm.  If you finished 1st or 2nd in your event at Churchill, you should have gotten an email inviting you to the Championships.  You MUST REPLY to that email in order to be entered in the meet.  If you did not receive the email, and finished 1st or 2nd, please let me know ASAP.  Additionally, if you already replied and are planning on going, please let me know via email or at practice if you haven't already.

I'll send out another email this week regarding other meets this month, but as always, let me know if you have any questions.

See you tomorrow!




May 28th

EVTC Schedule & Tuesday Meet Info

Hi all,

Hope you are enjoying the long weekend!  We've got a busy week ahead.  Reminder that there is NO practice on Monday, May 29th.  On Tuesday, we will be at Churchill HS for the TrackTown Youth League meet (more info below).  Since the meet is during practice hours, there will be NO practice for anyone not participating in the meet on Tuesday.  Wednesday and Thursday this week, we'll have our normal practice schedule: 5:30-6:45pm at South Eugene HS track.  If you have been wondering about sweatshirt orders- they should be in this week as well if you ordered one.  Thanks for being patient!   For those going to Portland next weekend, there will be a separate email later in the week.  We currently do not have any full relay teams, but have about 25 athletes attending.  If you would like to compete in Portland and have not emailed me yet, please do so by the end of tomorrow (Monday).  If you are going to Portland already and would like to be added to the relay pool, please let me know as well.
The meet on Tuesday is located at Churchill HS in Eugene.  Hopefully you all have pre-registered online, but if not, you can register on site from 4:15-4:45pm.  Events start at 5:30pm.  I haven't found a schedule yet, but based on other TTYL meets in Oregon, it seems to follow this order: 1500m, 100m, 400m, with field events going on throughout. 

No matter what event(s) you are doing, please plan to arrive at 4:30pm.  Check-in for competition runs from 4:30-5:15pm.  Arriving at 4:30pm will allow time for parking, checking in, finding our team, and warming up together prior to the 5:30pm start.  If arriving around 4:30pm is a problem, please let me know when you plan to arrive.  Check-in closes at 5:15pm, and our team warm up will start prior to that.
This should be a fun meet!  Athletes should plan to wear their ETVC singlets, and let me know ASAP if they do not have one.  Competition is scheduled to run from 5:30-7:30pm, but may run earlier or later depending on how many kids are entered.  If you can stay the whole time, it'd be great to cheer on teammates and have a good team presence.  However, you are free to leave whenever your events are completed.  If you do head out early, please find me before leaving to check out.
Let me know if you have any questions.  See you Tuesday!



May 21st

EVTC Weekly Schedule

Good afternoon, EVTC!

Hope you are all enjoying the sun today.  Practices this week will be at SEHS every day (Mon-Thurs), from 5:30-6:45pm as usual.  We will also be adding our short season participants, starting tomorrow.  This means we'll have a group of brand new athletes joining the team, so let's do our best to welcome them these next few weeks!

Our practice schedule will stick to the usual structure: all running events every day, throws every day, jumps Monday/Tuesday, and hurdles Wednesday/Thursday.  There is potential for additional jumping and hurdle days this week, but it'll be a day-by-day decision.  For all new families (and those that may still be confused about this): athletes that do both running and field events, or two field events, can easily practice both.  Mid-distance and distance runners do their running workout first, then join field events after.  Sprinters go to field events first, and do their running workout after.  Athletes doing jumps and throws can start at either one, and switch halfway through practice.  If an athlete wants to do running, jumping, hurdling, and throwing, they should choose just two to work on per practice, and rotate each day. 

We will also have a group for new athletes who want to spend their first week trying out all the events, whether they are unsure of what they want to do, or just want to try new things (similar to what we did earlier this season with all athletes).

A few important notes about the next meet:
Our next meet is one week from Tuesday (May 30th) at Churchill HS.  This meet is different than our last meet, because there are limited events offered and the competition will only last about 2 hours.  The events offered are: 100m, 400m, 1500m, long jump and turbojav.  Age groups for this meet are decided by age on the day of the meet. This is different than USATF, which goes by birth year.  So whatever age your child is on next Tuesday, will determine his/her age group.  The age groups offered are: 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14.
You will need to register for this meet on your own.  It is very easy, and you can do so online any time at https://www.tracktownyouthleague.com/new-events-1/2017/5/30/eugene.  Just click the link that says "sign up here" to register.  There is no deadline prior to meet day, but if you know you're going, please let me know after you register so that I know which kids to expect on the day of the meet.

Last thing for now- the day before the meet (Monday May 29th) is Memorial Day, so we will not have practice that day.  We'll have all meet details sorted out later this week, and will also send email reminders with that information.  Let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks, Megan


May 14th

Weekly Schedule EVTCGood evening, EVTC!
Hope you are all having a restful Sunday, especially those who made the trip to Tigard yesterday.  We had many great performances, and it was awesome to see everyone cheering each other on.  All results can be found on athletic.net (however, a few of the results may be incorrect due to a computer malfunction during the lightning/thunder).  Congrats to all athletes and families for battling some TOUGH conditions.  For those of you were at your very first track meet, I promise not all meets will be like that!  Thank you to all parents and kids for being patient, excited, and ready to compete yesterday. 

We have some smaller meets coming up in a few weeks, with hopefully much nicer weather.  Our next scheduled meet will be Tuesday, May 30th, at Churchill HS in Eugene.  This is the TrackTown Youth League meet, and is scheduled to run from 5:30pm-7:30pm. 
This week, practice will be at South Eugene HS track every day, from 5:30-6:45pm.  We will again have jumps Monday/Tuesday, hurdles Wednesday/Thursday, and throws and running every day.  As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.





May 7th

Weekly Schedule and Tigard Meet Information

Hi all,

Great job to everyone in the mini-meet last week!  Huge thank you to everyone who helped time, measure, record, and organize events.  Hopefully you had as much fun as we did.

This week, we will be practicing at South Eugene HS Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Practices will be normal time, 5:30-6:45pm.  We also will continue with our typical schedule of jumps on Monday/Tuesday, hurdles on Wednesday/Thursday, and throws every day.   All running event groups will continue to practice every day as well.

This weekend is also our first official track meet.  We will be competing at the Tigard Youth Developmental Meet on Saturday, May 13th.  There is a lot of information below, so read carefully.

The meet is being held at Tigard HS, and events start at 8:45am with the 3000m run (12+ years) and the racewalk.  After that, the meet will follow a rolling schedule starting at 9:30am.  That means they will start the first event at 9:30am, and the next event will start as soon as that one finishes (meaning, we will have to estimate start times).  Each running event will start with girls, youngest age group to oldest age group, followed by boys, youngest age group to oldest age group.  Age groups go by birth year:

8 & Under 2009 & up
9-10 2007-2008
11-12 2005-2006
13-14 2003-2004
15-16 2001-2002
17-18 1999-2000

Because of the rolling schedule and multiple age groups, I recommend if your child wants to do several events, to try and choose events that are relatively close to one another.  The meet will last several hours.  Here is the order of running events ("all" means the event is offered for all age groups):

4x800m Relay -2005 and older only
4x100m Relay – All
1500m – All
400m – All
100m – All
80m Hurdles – 2005-2006 (G/B)
100m Hurdles – 03-04 (B/G), 01-02(G), 99-00 Women
110m Hurdles – 01-02 (B), 90-00 Men
800m – All
200m – All
200m Hurdles – 03-04 G/B
400m Hurdles – 01-02 Girls, 99-00 Women, 01-02 Boys, 99-00 Men
4x400m Relay – All

All field events will start at 8:30am, with the exception of Discus, which starts at 10:00am.  Information about the meet and the order of age groups for field events can be found here:


SIGN UP: If you are interested in signing up, please let me know via email by Wednesday at 5pm (the earlier, the better). Coaches will enter all athletes through Athletic.net.  There is no late registration or race day registration.

As always, let me know if you have any questions.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend!



Sunday, April 23rd - EVTC Weekly Schedule

Hi all,

I hope everyone got to enjoy some sun this weekend!  This week, we'll meet every day from 5:30-6:45pm as usual.  Similar to last week, we will be at SEHS on Monday and Tuesday, and Adams Elementary School on Wednesday and Thursday.  This will not be the routine for the whole season, but likely for the next two weeks. 

This week will also be the start of event groups.  This will allow for kids to get more event-specific training, instead of just practicing in age groups as we did the past two weeks.  Thank you to all returning athletes for being patient and trying new events these past two weeks!

Starting tomorrow, running workouts will be split into sprints (100-200m) with Coach Jennifer, mid-distance (400-800m), and distance (1500m-3000m).  For field events, Coach Dante will be coaching jumps on Monday and Tuesday, and we will split time between different jumps based on the number of athletes interested in each.  Coach Amy will coach hurdles on Wednesday and Thursday, and we will have hurdles at Adams those days this week.  Coach Lexie will be coaching all of the throws starting tomorrow, which will also be split based on interest.  If kids are interested in multiple events, we can help them get both done during practice or figure out which days to do which events.  There are no limits on which events kids can do, though we will ask that once they choose an event group (or two) for the day, they stay with those groups for that day.

One common question we've heard a lot this week is if your child needs to be 11 years old in order to compete in hurdles.  The short answer is yes- USATF meets do not contest the event in any age groups below 11-12yr.  However, for local meets that are not run by USATF, there may be exceptions for younger athletes who we feel can safely and properly make it over the hurdles. 

Also coming up soon, next Tuesday (May 2nd) will be our first mini-meet of the season, during regular practice time.  This is not an official meet, but we will try to format practice to fit the mold of a standard track meet.  This should be a good chance for kids and families new to the sport to get a small taste of what competition day will be like.  There will be more information about this later in the week.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out.  See you all tomorrow!



Sunday, April 16th

EVTC- this week's schedule Good afternoon, EVTC!
  We had a great first week of practice, despite some crazy April weather.  Congrats to all of the brave kids (and parents!) who lasted through the cold, rainy, and muddy practices last week.  Thank you to everyone who came to our Dickie Jo's fundraiser as well. 
  This week, we are back to a normal schedule: Monday-Thursday from 5:30-6:45pm.  We will meet at South Eugene High School track (parking lot off of E24th ave) Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  On Wednesday we will meet at Adams Elementary School on W22nd in Eugene.  We don't have access to SEHS track on Wednesday, which is why we will be practicing at a different location.  I recommend bringing a larger water bottle for this day, as I don't think there are water fountains outside. 
  We will still be practicing in age groups this week, as we continue rotating through the different field events and increasing our fitness base.  This will be our last week with whole-group workouts.  We will then transition to more specific workouts/activities based on the race distances or field event groups your child wants to focus on. They are by no means stuck in the events they choose after this week- they can change event groups as often as they'd like.  However, workouts in each group will be progressive as the season goes on, so there will be an athletic benefit to staying consistent within a group or two.  The exception for this would be multi-event athletes, who will be practicing different events throughout the week (and we will help organize that for them).

In case you are new to the sport, here is a brief breakdown of the groups each event falls into:

  • Sprints: 100m (1/4 of a lap), 200m (1/2 of a lap)
  • Mid-Distance: 400m (1 lap), 800m (2 laps)
  • Distance: 1500m (3.75 laps), 3000m (7.5 laps, age 11+)
  • Jumps: Long Jump, High Jump (age 9+), Triple Jump (age 13+)
  • Throws: Shot Put, Discus, Javelin
  • Hurdles: 80m (11-12yr), 100m and 200m (13-14yr), 100m/110m and 400m (15+)
  • Multi-events: Triathlon (9-10yr), Pentathlon (11-14yr), Heptathlon/Decathlon (15+yr)

We'll have more information about event groups/event coaches in next week's email, but if you have any questions about this (or anything else), please don't hesitate to ask. 
  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



Sunday, April 9th

Practice reminders!

Hi all,

Just a quick reminder, our season begins tomorrow!  I am very excited to meet you all this week.

Monday and Tuesday: We will meet at South Eugene HS track (parking lot off of E 24th ave).  Regular practice from 5:30-6:45pm.

Wednesday and Thursday: We will meet at the River Trail (parking lot near the bridge behind Regal Cinemas at VRC). Short practice from 5:30-6:15pm, followed by Dickie Jo's fundraiser/information nights.  More information about Dickie Jo's will be sent out tomorrow.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

Thanks! -Megan


Sunday, April 2nd

EVTC Start of Season

Hi EVTC families,

My name is Megan Patrignelli, and I'll be Head Coach this track season.  With several fantastic assistant and event coaches, both new and returning, it's looking to be a great season!  For those that do not know me, I am a former Oregon athlete who ran XC, indoor, and outdoor track for the Ducks from 2010-2014.  I've since joined Team Run Eugene, and continue to train and compete in races ranging from 1500m-5000m, with a focus on the steeplechase.  I first coached with Emerald Valley this past XC season, but I've been coaching youth track and field since I graduated from high school.  I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with kids in a sport that I love!

Practice will start April 10th, and will be every week Monday-Thursday from 5:30-6:45pm, meeting at South Eugene HS track.  There will be a few dates which we'll be at an alternate location, and in those cases, I will let you know via email the week before. 

IMPORTANT: for the first week of practice, we will have normal practices Monday and Tuesday only.  We do not have the track Wednesday or Thursday.  Luckily, those two days are also our parent info nights at Dickie Jo's (Valley River Center location), so we will meet for practice at the River Bank trail near Dickie Jo's both days (meet in front of the bridge in the parking lot between the movie theater and Eugene Crossfit, close to the river).  Practice on these two days (Wednesday 4/12 and Thursday 4/13) will be shorter than normal.  We will practice from 5:30-6:15pm, to allow for parents and kids to attend Dickie Jo's to meet coaches, ask questions, and get more information about the season.  The information sessions are from 6:00-8:00pm Wednesday 4/12 and Thursday 4/13 in the party room at Dickie Jo's.  You only need to attend one of these dates, but practice will still end at 6:15pm both days.  Please let me know if you have any questions about this.

To be prepared for practice, make sure to wear layers!  We all know the weather in Eugene can change in an instant, and it's much better to get warm and take a layer off than to get cold and not have any extra clothes.  This is not only for comfort, but also to protect from injury.  Cold muscles are very susceptible to injuries, especially when working out hard.  It's also a good idea to pack a water bottle.  There is a water fountain near the bathrooms, but it's far enough from the track that it would be tough to get a quick drink during a track workout.

Our first two weeks of practice will be focused on introducing the sport to kids who are new, and giving returners a chance to try out different events while we build a fitness base.  After those two weeks, we will break into more focused event groups with specified workouts.  Those groups will include sprinting, middle distance, and distance for running, and jumps, throws, and hurdles for field events.  Jumping practice will be Mondays and Tuesdays, hurdling will be Wednesdays and Thursdays, and throws will be 2 times a week (days TBD).  A specific practice schedule will be emailed once the season begins.  Our meet schedule will be posted online, and I will send reminders of our upcoming meets in weekly emails.  Our first official meet will be May 13th in Tigard, OR.  We will have a "mini-meet" prior to that during practice, on May 2nd, which all families are invited to watch.  More details on that soon.

I apologize for the extra long email, but I am very excited to meet you all soon!  It's going to be a fun season.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out.  Thanks!